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In 2003, Jim Sutliff was a candidate for the New York City Council.  His endorsements included United States Senator Al D'Amato and Steve Moore, the founder of the Club for Growth.

"Jim Sutliff would make a fine Councilman in the 47th District. He's intelligent, hard working, and has the ability to get the job done right. Jim would be a fierce advocate on the issues that are most important to New York City. We need people like Jim to fight to keep taxes low and promote economic growth. I endorse his candidacy, and I hope that you will vote for Jim Sutliff on Tuesday, November 4th."
--Alfonse M. D'Amato, United States Senate,

"Jim Sutliff has exactly the right agenda for growth and prosperity in New York. New York is overtaxed, overregulated and overspent. Rolling back these inhibitors to growth will create jobs and budget surpluses. That is why I support Jim Sutliff."
-- Steve Moore, Editor for The Wall Street Journal, Founder of Club For Growth

"Jim Sutliff is going to make a great Councilman in the 47th District. He is someone who will fight for jobs and promote economic growth. Jim can help build the New York economy to new heights. His business background is what is needed for these times. I strongly endorse his candidacy and urge everyone to vote for him."
-- Jim  Farrin, former Candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District